Liverpool 2011 - Secondes euro 6 et 8 - Lycée Jehan Ango

Liverpool 2011 - Secondes euro 6 et 8

, par Professeurs d’anglais

Année scolaire 2010-2011

Le voyage des secondes euro a eu lieu cette année à Liverpool, patrie des Beatles et du foot ! Mais également une ville riche en musées : musée maritime, musée de l’esclavage (unique en Europe), musée de la guerre et différents musées de peinture classique et très moderne.
Un voyage donc très riche que nous vous invitons à partager avec nous avec ces quelques aperçus.

De quoi vous donner envie assurément...


A shipshape building !

Liverpool has strong links with the Titanic and the memory of the ill-fated ship can be found in many places.

Chinatown in Liverpool

« The first day we visited the whole city of Liverpool with Mrs Brument. We went everywhere. At the end we were so tired we were sitting everywhere ! »

The Beatles of course...

The Cavern, where it all began...

« When we visited the Beatles Museum, it was great because I learnt lots of things about them. Now I love listening to their songs. Next year I want to learn how to play the guitar to play their songs »

« In the town where I was born... »

A great team for a great trip !

« I loved the atmosphere with the teachers. It was very cool. The teachers laughed all the time. They were very nice »

Beatles fans

« I remember the Cavern Club. Some Liverpudlian groups sang to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first appearance there. I remember people singing all together ’Love love me do’. »

« There were a lot of people singing. They were full of beans ! and we danced with Mrs Brument »

The Slavery Museum

« I remember the torture tools in the Slavery Museum... »


« The best memory for me is the visit in Manchester of the Old Trafford. For football players, it’s a monument !I touched the shirt of Wayne Rooney ! »

« Old Trafford is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe. So this trip was just fantastic for me »

« I loved the visit of Old Trafford. It was fun and exciting »

Old Trafford, the theatre of dreams...

The Imperial War Museum

« It was super and interesting. Above all the film with the survivors’quotes. The tanks and aircraft were impressive »

The Cadbury factory : and we got plenty of free chocolate

« I remember the visit of the Cadbury factory. It smelled of chocolate everywhere ! »

« I had never tasted anything so good. »

« It was interesting to discover the different kinds of chocolate, with peanuts and all sorts of things. »


« I would have liked to see more of Liverpool ! »