Débats citoyens en langues vivantes 2018 - Lycée Jehan Ango

Débats citoyens en langues vivantes 2018

, par Fabienne Hamel

Chaque année, une rencontre académique entre différentes équipes de lycéens est organisée par la Délégation Académique aux Relations Européennes et Internationales et à la Coopération (DAREIC) en lien avec les corps d’inspections (IA-IPR de langues vivantes).


8TH April, 2018

The morning of Wednesday, 28TH March 2018 was not an ordinary morning for a handful of the 1er L2 of our High school. They woke up with the hope of having an out of the box afternoon as they had volunteered to hold the candle to represent their school in a debate and stand their ground against some other schools from the Academy of Rouen.
After a couple of hours of classes, a part of the group : Valentine, Marine, and Mathilde gathered in the canteen with their leader Mrs Gens, and the English Language assistant Tanya, where we pumped them with unhinged determination while sharing a hearty meal of Tartiflette. We were later joined by Pierre, Tareknesh and Mathilda who had filled their stomachs with kebabs, oh the youth and their junk food obsession ! As the Jamaican proverb says ‘’You can say anything to a man with a full stomach’’, our group of young debaters were ready to face any challenge and with courage in our hearts we hit the road to our destination Lycée des Bruyères in Sotteville les Rouen.
Upon our arrival three quarters of an hour later, we were welcomed by incessant rain and after having run with our umbrellas we finally entered the school premises where all the other debate teams had gathered, waiting for the welcome speech by the inspectors of the academy. The rules were laid out ; the handouts were given and off went our group of young debaters to conquer their first victory.
The first debate, unfortunately, didn’t go as smoothly as we had expected, it however presented itself with a learning curve, and hence our pupils became more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. As we gathered our things to move to another classroom for our next debate, there was a slither of dejection and defeat in our pupils’ eyes, though it did not last long as our team had to hold their ground against the team of Lycée Maupassant from Fécamp, we called it the ‘’Battle of the coasts’’. From the beginning to the end, this debate proved itself to be the best example of a friendly debate, not at any point of time during the twenty odd minutes was there a moment that made anyone cringe or roll their eyes. Mutual respect between the pupils impressed us along with their team spirit, that didn’t deter them from helping one another, even members of the opposite team ; oh what a pleasure was it to have witnessed it ! Such was the impression made by the pupils during this debate that even the inspectors, who were there to observe it, couldn’t hold their contentment and congratulated both the teams for their ideas, and their respect for the other team. This moment of ecstasy was the jump start that our pupils needed to face the last but not the least group of opponents. Thanks to some interesting and unapologetic arguments presented by a member of the opposite team we had quite a few moments of awe and could therefore end our long and exhausting day of debating on a high note.
What did we gain out of this, you ask ? Pure pleasure, the opportunity to get to know our pupils a bit better, and well some delicious nibbles and fruit juice. And just between us, since we lingered a little longer than the other schools to chat with the inspectors, we got to take a bottle of fruit juice back with us !

Tanya Dewan